Rina Bakis

Rina Bakis’ artistic journey, influenced by her global experiences and education in graphic design and architectural techniques, infuses her work with a distinctive form, space, and composition. Her paintings, reflecting her deep connection to nature’s energy, capture vibrant hues and dynamic light play.

Rina Bakis’ art revolves around the exploration and expression of energy through the dynamic power of colours. Having lived in many countries around the world and studying graphic design and architectural technician degree influenced her understanding of form, space, and composition by giving her work a unique perspective.

Rina’s paintings reflect her background and its profound connection to the ever-changing tapestry of life which captures the energy of nature, harnessing the play of light and colours. 

Rina strives to capture the essence of movement, rhythm, and intensity in her creations. Using free brushstrokes, she iterates until achieving satisfaction, sometimes taking months to complete a single piece. Her work embodies a sense of innovation, experimentation, and creativity, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in a world of vivid hues and dynamic forms.