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After many, many years, they met again. Jose Luis and Gabriel met for the first time in medical school in Mexico and exhibited together at the “Muestra de Difusion Cultural” at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. They continued their medical training, Jose Luis in the USA and Gabriel in England. They continued exhibiting and painting, and in 2017 they found each other through art.

Now Jose Luis is a Psychiatrist in New York, and Gabriel a Plastic Surgeon in London. They both agreed that it is difficult being a doctor in the art world, but they agreed that they are not just another doctor that paints; they are dedicated and exhibited artists.

Reencuentro shows the similarities of thought in their works; they show their concern about the calamities that affect the world today.

Gabriel told us that he would like to paint something happier, but in a way, he will be ignoring the suffering of thousands of people at this time. We hope that these works of art are a symbol of this era and transcend time.


Prints are supplied on A3+ Velvet artist paper, or Awagami Washi Bamboo paper signed and numbered by the artist. Certain prints are supplied on A4 Velvet art paper, this variation will be clearly indicated.  Most prints are published on editions of ten.

By special request, the images can be printed on A2 size paper, also signed and numbered by the artist.  Price on application.


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Prints are A3+, (329 mm x 483 mm) on Artist paper, signed and numbered. Some specific prints are on A4 paper(210 x 297 mm). It will be clearly indicated.


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NFTs are exhibited and curated by Artelectrico but sold through Open Sea