Jose Luis Seligson

Born and raised in Mexico City. Living in the United States (New York) since 1972.
Began taking art lessons at age 13 in Mexico City at Arthur Kronengold’s Studio. Subsequently, Studio Art at The Atelier CDI, Jose Enrique Rebolledo Studio, and Instituto Kairos until 1971.
Oscar Muzio Studio in Miami in 1972-73. It was under the tutelage of Maestro Jose Enrique Rebolledo that Jose began experimenting with different media. He has worked mostly in the Abstract Expressionism style and dabbled in Abstract, Pop Art and Surrealism. Influenced by Mexican Colorists, his work is more focused on colour and texture than form. He created a significant body of work influenced by Joseph Cornell during the late ’90s, but his main Artistic Influences have been Pablo Picasso, Pedro Friedeberg, Jose Manuel Schmill, Carlos Merida, Jose Luis Cuevas and Gunther Gerszo. Over the past 40 years his work has evolved significantly, but, colour and texture remain his main focus.

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