Gabriel Alvarez

Gabriel Alvarez is influenced by the colours of his native Mexico and personal experiences and subconscious thoughts. Born and raised in Mexico City, he became a painter at an early age. He subsequently moved to London, where he has now lived for almost 40 years. Gabriel trained with the distinguished Mexican artist Castro Pacheco in Mexico City and has been inspired and influenced by Tamayo, Appel, Kokoschka and Rothko. Throughout Gabriel’s art career, he has exhibited at many respected galleries, beginning in the Diffusion Cultural at the Autonomous University of Mexico. He first showcased his vibrant and emotive paintings. His first solo exhibition in London took place at Etty’s Gallery in central London, followed by another at Mary McGowan’s, Leighton House, and The Santa Fe Gallery. “Transition” was his third exhibition at the Coningsby Gallery. Now, he is a retired plastic surgeon. Gabriel insists he is an artist and not only a doctor that paints. Through the decades, his paintings have reflected his desires, memories and dreams. His latest solo physical exhibition, “Transition”, marked a new phase in his artwork, exploring darker avenues and styles with brooding colours and figures.

Gabriel’s style has evolved with time, using more digital elements in video, 3D and image manipulation that he acquired when writing and illustrating electronic medical books “Multimedia Course in Plastic Surgery” on the Apple Book Shop. He further developed his digital skills developing software for his company GMED Plus Ltd.

Now he is happy that he can exhibit and sell digital art in all its guises.

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