Our Artists

Jose Luis Seligson


Solo Shows :

 1967 Galeria CDI, Mexico City

 1968 Galeria Mer-Kup, Mexico City

 1970 Galeria Metzuda, Safed, Israel

 1973 Randi’s Gallery, Denver, Colorado

 1988 Graphic Eye Gallery, Port Washington, NY

 2001 Galeria Nucia Baran, Mexico City

 2004 Galeria CDI Mexico City

 2012 Northport Jewish Center Gallery, NY

 2018 Great Neck Library Gallery, NY

2022 “Artelectrico @ Coningsby”, London

From 1966 to 2018 multiple group shows in Mexico City, Israel, Portugal and United States.

Has been a member of The Graphic Eye Cooperative Gallery in Port Washington since 1981, and The Art Guild of Port Washington since 1990.

He is currently a member of the Art Council of the Port Washington Library in Port Washington , New York.

Born and raised in Mexico City. Living in the United States (New York) since 1972.

Began taking art lessons at age 13 in Mexico City at Arthur Kronengold’s Studio. Subsequently, Studio Art at The Atelier CDI , Jose Enrique Rebolledo Studio, and Instituto Kairos until 1971.

Oscar Muzio Studio in Miami in 1972-73. It was under the tutelage of Maestro Jose Enrique Rebolledo that Jose began experimenting with different media. He has worked mostly in the Abstract Expressionism style and dabbled in Abstract, Pop Art and Surrealism. Influenced by Mexican Colorists, his work is more focused on  color and texture than form. He created a significant body of work influenced by Joseph Cornell during the late 90’s, but his main Artistic Influences have been Pablo Picasso, Pedro Friedeberg, Jose Manuel Schmill, Carlos Merida, Jose Luis Cuevas and Gunther Gerszo. Over the past 40 years his work has evolved significantly, but, color and texture remain his main focus.

For the past year, encouraged by Gabriel’s knowledge and deftness with digital media, he has been working  using digital elements in combination with his own photography and illustrations.

Like Gabriel, Jose insists he is not a Doctor that paints, but an Artist who also practices Medicine. In his case, Psychiatry.


Gabriel Alvarez


Muestra de Difusion Cultural, Museum of Architecture.
The National Autonomous University of Mexico. December 1969.
Ettys Gallery, London. “One Man Show”. January 1987.
The Blenheim Gallery, London. “One Man Show”. June 1988.
The Santa Fe Gallery, London. “One Man Show”. July 1989.
The Summer Meeting of The British Association of Plastic Surgeons1987.
Leighton House, Kensington & Chelsea Art Exhibition October 1987.
The Blenheim Gallery, London January Picture Show. 1988.
Eve Gruss Toronto, Canada.”One Man Show” October 1988.
Los Angeles Art Fair with Santa Fe Gallery, Los Angeles, California. The USA. December 1988.
The Blenheim Gallery, London. January Picture Show. January 1989.
The Royal Free Hospital, London NW3. November 1993.
The Coningsby Gallery One man show Oct 2000.
“Papel” An exhibition of photography and painting Moses Daanwi and Gabriel Alvarez, The Coningsby Gallery 5th – 12th March 2005
“Transition” One man show, Coningsby Gallery 7th – 11th June 2016

“Artelectrico @ Coningsby” Artelectrico Live Exhibition 2022

Gabriel Alvarez is influenced by the colours of his native Mexico and personal experiences and subconscious thoughts. Born and raised in Mexico City, he became a painter at an early age. He subsequently moved to London, where he has now lived for almost 40 years. Gabriel trained with the distinguished Mexican artist Castro Pacheco in Mexico City and has been inspired and influenced by Tamayo, Appel, Kokoschka and Rothko. Throughout Gabriel’s art career, he has exhibited at many respected galleries, beginning in the Diffusion Cultural at the Autonomous University of Mexico. He first showcased his vibrant and emotive paintings. His first solo exhibition in London took place at Etty’s Gallery in central London, followed by another at Mary McGowan’s, Leighton House, and The Santa Fe Gallery. “Transition” was his third exhibition at the Coningsby Gallery. Now, he is a retired plastic surgeon. Gabriel insists he is an artist and not only a doctor that paints. Through the decades, his paintings have reflected his desires, memories and dreams. His latest solo physical exhibition, “Transition”, marked a new phase in his artwork, exploring darker avenues and styles with brooding colours and figures.

Gabriel’s style has evolved with time, using more digital elements in video, 3D and image manipulation that he acquired when writing and illustrating electronic medical books “Multimedia Course in Plastic Surgery” on the Apple Book Shop. He further developed his digital skills developing software for his company GMED Plus Ltd.

Now he is happy that he can exhibit and sell digital art in all its guises.


Reem Al-Refaie

Concept of Emancipation

Born in the 90s, Reem Al-Refaie is an artist who started off creating drawings inspired by the cartoons she grew up with. Art became an important tool for expression, and she began to develop this as she undertook evening classes during her time in Plymouth. As she began to explore her artistic voice, she found inspiration in a variety of places, such as modern skater aesthetic and early 20th century expressionism. Although naive, her art explores the world around her with a playful and almost sarcastic view.  Growing up in the digital age, her art is predominantly digital – where she explores how to create a sense of texture in a 2D medium.

Her current themes in which she explores predominantly lie in our interaction with the world as it is, and how we cope with it. For her, it’s through art.



“Concept of Emancipation” Online Exhibition at Artelectrico

“Artelectrico @ Coningsby” Artelectrico Live Exhibition 2022


Patrick Riley


Patrick was born in Paris and has pursued a varied career that has involved many aspects of visual arts and improvised music. He was educated at Manegg School, Zurich, King Edward VII School, and University College London. He qualified in medicine from UCH Medical School and had a distinguished career as an academic pathologist, specialising in the evolution of pigmentation and the mechanism of carcinogenesis. He is currently an Emeritus Professor of Cell Pathology and continues to be engaged in academic studies. His recent work has focused on his discovery of monocular stereoscopy and the principles underlying this remarkable phenomenon. 

Yael David-Cohen studied art in Israel at the Tel-Aviv University and School of Art and completed post graduate studies in printmaking in London at St Martin’s School of Art. Her interests include large mixed media textile art, printmaking and artist books. She is a member of the prestigious European Quilt Art Group (QA85) who exhibit internationally. She has recently exhibited work in the New Prints Brooklyn Gallery New York, the International Fiber Art Biennial in Beijing and the University of South Dakota USA (Artist Books). Her work is abstract using recycled materials and her inspiration comes from natural processes.

Yael David-Cohen’s work reflects her passion for blending textile work with painting and printmaking. Each piece is crafted with multiple layers, emphasising depth and texture reminiscent of delicate quilting. Drawing inspiration from the natural world, Yael’s art captures nature’s elusive beauty. Sustainability is woven into every work; Yael repurposes recycled fabrics, giving new life and purpose to materials that would otherwise be discarded.