About Artelectrico

We curate, exhibit and promote new art in all its production, media, and delivery forms. We aim to discover and nurture new talent. We believe that the artist is the axis of this industry, and Artelectrico strives to protect and guide new artists to produce exceptional art.


Artelectrico was founded in 2021 by three medical doctors that share enthusiasm about new art. Two of these doctors are also exhibited Mexican artists with a unique talent. We hope to create an equally enthusiastic audience for the artists on our stable. We are confident that the art we represent is exceptional and has a significant aesthetic and social value.

We are open to discussion and constructive criticism; we will try to listen to our critics and supporters with equal interest and implement beneficial changes for the artists and the gallery.

Artelectrico is fully inclusive of all art styles, physical art on any media, and digital art.

We believe that it is essential to discuss the inclusion of NFTs in our collection. We are aware of the excessive consumption of energy in the production of cryptocurrency; this process is called “Mining”.

Although the mining of these currencies is carbon-intensive, the “Minting” (production of the NFT) is only 1% of the total amount of mining.

We are exploring different NFT markets. Currently, our artists are using OpenSea that utilises Lazy-Minting that only mints the artwork when it is sold and not when the artist submits it. We have applied to other markets like Nifty that promised to become carbon neutral in a few months.

We are looking forward to selling NFTs that are carbon neutral. In the meantime, Using OpenSea “Lazy-Minting”, no carbon will be produced until the pieces are sold.

Our Artworks

Artelectrico exhibits art that we really like and want to share. We specialise in contemporary physical and digital art. Our exhibitions contain prints of digital art, original works in all media and also NFTs. In some instances, we offer an NFT with an accompanying physical signed and number print. All the NFTs are minted by the artist, and we don’t sell them directly, we only curate them and provide a link to find the work on the NFT market.

All our prints are produced in short editions and they are signed and numbered by the artist. 

  We also believe that art should be affordable; therefore, our prices are carefully regulated.


PRINTS All works are sold online. The digital prints are presented on Velvet Artist Paper, selected prints are presented on Awagami Washi : Bamboo paper. All the prints are on A3+ paper 329 mm x 483 mm with the exception of the separate panels of the Gabriel Alvarez’s “Broken Escape Enneaptych” that are presented on Velvet paper A4 size 210 x 297 mm. All prints are signed and numbered by the artist.

DELIVERY Delivery by courier is within two weeks of purchase, but due to COVID the delivery time might be longer.

PACKING All Prints are packed with recyclable materials and are protected against bending, water damage and collision. 

INSURANCE The prints are insured in transit for the retail value of the items.

NFT Videos and selected print works are are also sold as NFTs. All NFTs are sold through OpenSea NFT Market. On Artelectrico website there are links to direct the buyer to the selected work on OpenSea. Artelectrico does not profit directly from OpenSea and is not responsible for problems acquiring works from them. All NFTs have been minted by the artists themselves.

CHARITY Artelectrico and their artists are donating jointly 4% of the profits to The International Committee of the Red Cross. We also we donate 1% to  carbon offset through payments with Stripe.