Artelectrico is delighted to present Yael David Cohen. Yael is a master artist and we are particularly proud that Yael has joined our group at Artelectrico. I have admired her work for many years and I am the owner of several of her pieces. 

For her first online exhibition with us, “Layers of Meaning”, Yael has produced a wonderful collection of etchings and textile works that draw inspiration from nature and life itself. She plays with time, people, places and situations that transport the viewer to memories of moments lived and invoke their own past experiences.

Yael enjoys producing textile art; which is a difficult and laborious medium. It requires experience in sewing, appliqué, quilting, and painting.

Textile wall hangings have been around for thousands of years, however more modern pieces are three dimensional, have volume, colour and meaning that gives them an almost living presence. 

Yael is also exhibiting a collection of etchings and relief prints, she is a very experienced print artist. Her work has the same quasi-magical property to elicit new thoughts and bring lost memories.

To the viewer: Please explore this exhibition without preconceptions and allow the art to take you to forgotten places and experiences. 

Gabriel Alvarez
Artelectrico Ltd.

Live Exhibition 1st of September 2024

Yael David Cohen

Yael David-Cohen studied art in Israel at the Tel-Aviv University and School of Art and completed post graduate studies in printmaking in London at St Martin’s School of Art. Her interests include large mixed media textile art, printmaking and artist books. She is a member of the prestigious European Quilt Art Group (QA85) who exhibit internationally. She has recently exhibited work in the New Prints Brooklyn Gallery New York, the International Fiber Art Biennial in Beijing and the University of South Dakota USA (Artist Books). Her work is abstract using recycled materials and her inspiration comes from natural processes.