We are open!!

After a few months of hard work, atelectrico.co.uk opens to the public. We wanted to create a gallery that exhibits physical and virtual art, properly curated and offering signed and numbered prints. Also exciting is the curated NFTs that are available.

This gallery fills a gap between supermarket like websites, where it is difficult for artists to be recognised or even found, and the more established galleries exhibiting curated and authenticated works that are not available to buy online or even find the price, which often is very expensive.

We are exhibiting NFTs minted by the artists and curated by Artelectrico. We do not sell the NFTs directly, but we link the works on OpenSea to buy them directly to the Artists.

We aim to sell to young collectors who are starting to buy art. But, more importantly, we also want to attract seasoned collectors who will recognise the quality of the works we exhibit.

On  Reencuentro, our current exhibition, we expose the calamities affecting our world at the moment, but no only we expose them. We are donating 4% of our profits to the International Committee of The Red Cross; also, all the sales through Stripe donate 1% to Carbon offsetting.

I encourage all our visitors to engage with our artists through this website or email, and we will endeavour to answer your questions and subscribe to our posts.

Thank you to all the visitors 50+ we’ve had in the first few hours of opening. Please return!!!


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