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Yael David Cohen

Yael David Cohen

“Green Field”  Detail Textile art

Yael David Cohen

“Under the Lace” Detail  Textile Art

Yael David Cohen

“Spring 1″Detail Etching

Yael David Cohen

“Ancient Writing” Linoleum print

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Concept of Emancipation

An exhibition of physical prints by Reem Al Rafaie. You can still visit and buy works at Artelectrico Archive.
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An exhibition of physical prints and NFTs by Jose Luis Seligson and Gabriel Alvarez. You can still visit and buy works at Artelectrico Archive.
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An exhibition of colouful thermograms of butterflies by Patrick Riley You can still visit and buy works at Artelectrico Archive.
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Reem Al Refaie, Gabriel Alvarez, Jose Luis Seligson, Patrick Riley. Now available at artelectrico archive

Tutti Frutti

Reem Al Refaie, Gabriel Alvarez, Jose Luis Seligson, Patrick Riley. Live and online exhibition. Now available at artelectrico archive
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About Us

Artelectrico curates, exhibits and promotes new art in all its forms of production, media, and delivery.

Our Art

We specialise in contemporary physical and digital art. Artelectrico exhibits art that we really like. We believe that art should be affordable; therefore, our prices are carefully regulated.

Current Exhibitions

Layers of Meaning An exhibition of Textiles, etchings, and Linoleum prints from Yael David Cohen

Upcoming Exhibitions

Yael David Cohen

Layers of Meaning

Live Exhibition 1st of September 2024

Rina Bakis

Universal Dynamics

Online Exhibition June 2024

Our Prints

All our prints are from digital art. They are individually signed and numbered by the artists. The prints are presented on A3+ artist quality paper: Awagami Washi Bamboo or Epson professional Velvet and archival quality pigments.

Large Format Prints

We can provide large format prints A1, A0, or larger, signed and numbered as short edition by the artist,
Please send us a message POA

Our NFTs

Our NFTs are minted by the artist, and curated by Artelectrico.

They are sold on the OpenSea Marketplace. We are offering digital paintings, photographs and videos on NFT.
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Our Artists

Patrick Riley

Nature Online Exhibition

Patrick Riley@Papillon

He is currently Emeritus Professor of Cell Pathology and continues to be engaged in academic studies. His recent work has focused on his discovery of monocular stereoscopy and the principles underlying this remarkable phenomenon.
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Jose Luis Seligson

Reencuento Online Exhibition
Nature Online Exhibition

Jose Luis Seligson @ Reencuentro

Jose Luis is an exhibited Mexican artist resident in New York; in Reencuento, Jose Luis joins Gabriel for an unforgettable exhibition.
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Yael David-Cohen

Yael David-Cohen’s work reflects her passion for blending textile work with painting and printmaking.

Yael David-Cohen

Don't miss our upcoming art exhibition showcasing stunning works from Yael David-Cohen. Join us in this upcoming exhibition of exceptional creativity, and thought See you there!
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Gabriel Alvarez

Reencuentro Online Exhibition<
Nature Online Exhibition

Gabriel Alvarez @ Reencuentro

For many years, Mexican artist resident of London has exhibited in England, Mexico, Canada, and the United States. In "Reencuentro", he joins long lost friend Jose Luis Seligson.
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Reem Al-Refaie

Concept of Emancipation Online Exhibition
Nature Online Exhibition

Reem Al-Refaie @Concept of Emancipation

Reem's art explores the world around her with a playful and almost sarcastic view.  Growing up in the digital age, her art is predominantly digital - where she explores how to create a sense of life in a 2D medium.
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Rina Bakis

Rina Bakis' artistic journey, influenced by her global experiences and education in graphic design and architectural techniques, infuses her work with a distinctive form, space, and composition.

Rina Bakis

Rina Bakis’ art revolves around the exploration and expression of energy through the dynamic power of colours.
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Listen to our artists’ interviews by Dina Hendawi at Memories from the Margin

 Memories from the Margin is a space in which stories from the margins may surface. These are the stories that shape our authentic selves thus challenging the discourse in society which tells us who we are and what we must believe.

Gabriel Alvarez uses his vivid and eclectic artwork to deliver a call for us to confront the dilemmas of our humanity.

Reem shares her artistic vision and how culture, memory, and the endless desire for bright color fuel her work.


Dina Hendawi is an educator, originally from New York, but currently living in Germany with her husband and two children. She is working on an MLA degree at Johns Hopkins University and plans to conduct future doctoral research on the representation of Muslims in Western literature and media. She was the recipient of the Madalyn Lamont Award in Creative Writing in 2010 and has published in CC&D Magazine and The Bangalore Review. Dina Hendawi is the host of Memories from the Margin, a podcast in which stories from the margins may surface. 

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